Crawlers and Brawlers Released!

Crawlers and Brawlers, our 2d multiplayer action RPG is now available for Xbox 360! We spent the last half of 2015 working on it. We’d love for you to try it out and let us know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Crawlers and Brawlers Released!”

    1. Thanks Astro.

      We’d like to add more classes/weapons/enemies/dungeons. At this point we’re still working on getting the word out about the game. If we get enough players we’ll be able to refocus on new content.

  1. the game was fun – just wish there were more classes and that the skilltrees had been more fleshed out, as well as more bosses and loot; but, it was fun and had so much potential.

    not much to do after level 40 though. wish there were paragon levels like in diablo 3 to further enhance my character as the arena gear (while high level) doesn’t scale at all past 40 seemingly (I happened to loot a level 79 artifact and it’s not any better than my level 40 one).

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